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  • WATCH: Trump’s Secretary Of State LITERALLY Got Award From Putin; Celebrate Deal (VIDEO)


    If you’re starting to think Donald Trump’s ties to Russia are reminding you of an early 1990s thriller starring Harrison Ford, you’re not alone. Now, to make matters worse, his pick for Secretary of State, ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, isn’t only tied to Russia, the man has received awards from Russian President Vladimir Putin himself.

    Here’s the video of Tillerson receiving his “Order of Friendship” medal from Putin in 2013:

    If that doesn’t send chills down your spine, what the hell will? 2013 was only three years ago!

    Then, at a separate time, here’s the pair celebrating a business deal:

    This is absolute corruption at it’s literal highest level.

    Trump’s choice of Tillerson isn’t what’s best for America, it’s what is best for ExxonMobil and the deal that will be able to go through once sanctions are lifted, as well as what is best for Russia and Putin.

    Why is Trump being allowed to do what ever the hell he wants without anyone holding him accountable? This choice for Secretary of State on top of the fact that the CIA found Russian interference in the election should mortify everyone. Wake up!

    Featured image via video screen capture