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  • Fox News Guest Slams Sarah Huckabee For Being Trump’s Lying Mouthpiece (VIDEO)

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    Despite America’s sordid history, the office of President of the United States of America remains a position that comes with a certain set of standards. Because politicians are known for their lack of candor, it’s fair to say that no one really expects those chosen to serve Americans to be totally forthcoming at all times. Unfortunately, in terms of leeway for lies, Donald Trump and his staff have taken an inch and run a few marathons.

    They’re not known for their policies. They’re not known for their knack in the area of foreign relations. They’re not known for their media savvy. They’re definitely not known for their tact and diplomacy. They are, however, known for their lies. That’s disgraceful, abhorrent, and utterly unacceptable.

    However, Trump supporters, in all of their infinite wisdom, continue to support the divisive and dishonest ignorance of the Trump administration as if they don’t find themselves worthy of the truth. In reality, most reasonable folks know that Trump’s base paradoxically demanded the highest moral fiber from President Obama. Therefore, to them, Trump’s lies amount to Trump hanging the moon.

    One of the biggest peddlers of Trump’s falsehoods, alternative facts, and outright lies has been Fox News. Long known for their highly conservative twist on news, the network’s support of Donald Trump has taken them from embarrassing to incredible at times. That may be changing.

    On Sunday’s edition of Fox & Friends, Dr. Jeanine Downie slammed Trump flunkie, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, for what Downie called having a “16 percent track record when it comes to telling true statements.” Ironically, Downie’s statements came immediately after defending Huckabee Sanders while the panel was discussing recent LA Times comments in which Huckabee Sanders was body shamed by being called a “chunky soccer mom.”

    Downie started by pointing out that Sean Spicer is on the husky side, but wasn’t shamed for his build:

    ‘I think it’s sexism plain and simple. People need to comment on her job that she’s doing. It doesn’t have anything to do with her accent, it doesn’t have anything to do with the spoofs I’ve heard about her weight. Sean Spicer is overweight. Nobody commented on his weight.’

    Downie then redirects everyone to the paramount issue, Huckabee Sanders’ penchant for lying on Donald Trump’s behalf:

    ‘My problem with Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the following: I’m concerned about the level of her holding herself up as an evangelical, but yet, Trump is accused of having a 16 percent track record when it comes to telling true statements and mostly true statements. And she holds up what he’s saying and she lies. Her cortisol level is rising. She’s squirming as she lies sometimes.’

    Wouldn’t you squirm if you lied like Huckabee Sanders?

    Watch the Fox & Friends clip, where Dr. Downie makes the rest of the panel squirm a little, below:

    Featured Image screengrab via YouTube.