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  • Fox News Has The Most Insane Response To Democratic Wins, This Is Crazy (VIDEO)

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    Donald Trump has certainly expressed how disappointed he is by the Democratic victories that America saw last night – he even trashed his own GOP candidate on Twitter after he lost! Fox News, however, had a very different response to the GOP losses, and it’s equally disturbing.

    Earlier today, Fox & Friends reacted to the losses in the Republican Party by… actually pretending that nothing happened. That’s right – Fox & Friends not only ignored Tuesday’s massive win for the Democrats, but they replaced that conversation with something really weird – reliving Trump’s “historic victory”. To drown out the celebrations coming from the rest of the country, Fox decided to empanel several voters to talk about Trump’s presidency and the time he won the election (but lost the popular vote by millions) last year.

    Refusing to acknowledge the fact that a celebration is highly inappropriate given Trump’s historically low approval rating, Fox host Ainsley Earhardt began the discussion with a gross reel of highlights from Trump’s election night. Earhardt said:

    “We all remember where we were when that news broke. It has been one year after President Trump’s historic victory over Hillary Clinton. We are back now with our panel talking about where we all stand today.”

    And of course, the panel was more than happy to trash the Democratic party. Pretending to be oblivious to the fact that the political environment in America had drastically changed overnight, one panelist said:

    “Hillary Clinton was the worst candidate I’ve seen run on a national stage. Donald Trump reflected what others said around the country: it’s our kitchen table, our economics — and we need a change in Washington. We’re not hearing that from the Democrats — as they have always been with identity politics are interested in dividing the country.”

    As with most times when GOPers get together, this discussion quickly went off the rails as the panelists got off topic and started the shout over each other about whether or not NFL players should be able to kneel during the National Anthem. Earhardt had to actually scold the grown “adults” in order to continue:

    “No one can hear you at home when you all yell. It’s annoying at home.”

    You can watch this disturbing reaction from Fox News below:

    Featured image via Frederick M. Brown  / Getty Images

    Patti Colli

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