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  • Trump’s White House Is Burning Itself Down, Administration Staffers Turning On Their Own Boss (VIDEO)

    Donald Trump

    Everyone knows that Donald Trump’s administration is an absolute dysfunctional circus, but things have really come to a head this week now that Trump’s relationship with his Chief of Staff, John Kelly, has taken a turn for the worse.

    Kelly was partially responsible for what could be called a “very turbulent” week after he publicly defended former White House staffer Rob Porter after Porter was accused of spousal abuse by two of his ex-wives. All hell broke loose and six top administration officials have since fled Trump’s executive branch over the last few days, adding to the chaos. But Trump’s bad luck is far from over.

    The Washington Post reported that the Trump administration is now turning on Kelly and creating more trouble in the White House. According to one West Wing staffer, Kelly has been “frantically trying to stop the bleeding”. Another White House aide said:

    “People are using it to their advantage. If you hate Kelly, this is your moment.”

    And Kelly isn’t the only one being targeted by Trump’s staffers – White House communications director Hope Hicks is also in the line of fire, particularly after she defended Porter. The West Wing staffer said:

    “Hope’s enemies are using it to go after her.”

    The Post wrote:

    “Officials described Kelly as more endangered than Hicks, adding that the chief of staff had lost the trust and confidence of some on the senior staff. But advisers said they saw no evidence that Trump was preparing to oust Kelly imminently; one of them suggested the president may try to publicly torment him for a while, which is the style of punishment he has given other aides when he is unsatisfied with their performances.”

    It’s highly possible that over the next few days, we will see many more resignations thanks to the massive amount of in-fighting that is going on in the White House. After all the nonsense that has gone on in Trump’s administration, it only makes sense that its dysfunction would be its downfall. You can watch a report on Kelly below:

    Featured image via Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

    Patti Colli

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