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  • Trump Enraged As New Poll Reveals Voters Want Another President In Office

    Donald Trump, Politics

    Yet more bad news has come the president’s way today with the release of brand new poll results from PPP. As you may have guessed the poll is not good news for the president, showing that there is a taste in the public domain for Trump to be impeached and that the public would overwhelmingly love to have former President Barack Obama back in office.

    The results are good news for Democratic hopeful Joe Biden. While Barack Obama cannot serve another term, his former Vice President Joe Biden can capitalize on the popularity that was garnered during his time in office with the popular president.

    Trump has now exhausted the trump card for the Republicans with his tax “reforms,” but even these have not been enough to secure a solid Republican support base for him. The worrying results show that only 42 percent of those polled believe that the president is honest while 53 percent do not. These figures are of major concern to Republicans who will surely now be looking to find a way to remove Trump quietly from the presidency to avoid an embarrassing crash in 2020.

    There is also a significant taste for removing him from office. Forty-five percent of voters want to see him impeached, while only 44 percent do not. This figure is also striking and would represent the opinion that Trump is one of, if not the most unpopular president in history.

    These figures continue to show that Trump is all but finished in the opinion of the public. The best that everyone can hope for now is that the Republicans choose to distance themselves from him and leave him hanging on his own in 2020. The worrying thought that the vote will fall apart in 2020 means that the Republicans will almost certainly try to find a way to remove him from power between now and then.

    Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images