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  • Senile Trump Has Literally Lost His Mind, Brags About GOP Lead In Polls When In Reality Dems Lead By 3

    Donald Trump, Politics

    Donald Trump has a penchant for retweeting fake, horrendously skewed polls to make himself feel better about himself, his administration, and his Republican constituents. But a survey he tweeted this Sunday is downright absurd.

    In his tweet, Trump touted recent Republican gains in a generic congressional ballot. However, upon closer inspection, the poll showed that Democrats were ahead by 3 points. Completely ignoring this tidbit, Trump said that the GOP is “up in the Generic Congressional ballot,” adding that they are obtaining “big gains” over the past four weeks.

    An Explanation of the McLaughlin’s Poll

    His tweet is referring to a recent poll released by McLaughlin and Associates. This is a favorite polling research company that is often cited for their aggregated data. This particular poll showed Democrats with a 3 percent point lead over Republicans on the 2018 generic ballot for Congress. This trend hails back to January, with 45 percent of pollster preferring Democrats, compared to 42 percent who favored Republicans. The poll by McLaughlin and Associates is one of many that showed the Democratic Party winning over Republicans, with a Real Clear Politics poll noting that Democrats are ahead by 7 points.

    Don’t Let The Polls Make You Lazy

    Polling has their place, but it has the effect of making people feel complacent. There is a resurgence of Democrats and mostly left-leaning candidates vying for a spot in the November 2018 midterms. If the polls continuously show Democrats as winning, then some may think that they shouldn’t pressure themselves and their loved ones to vote and participate in the political process.

    Despite polls, focus on having as many people casting their vote during the midterms. In the past year, Democrats have done feats that are worthy of praise, like taking hold of Alabama for the first time in 25 years.

    Stay focused, and do not let polls make you feel too comfortable.

    Featured image via Getty/Chip Somodevilla