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  • Major Red State That Trump Won By Huge Margin Just Turned Blue; Republicans Are Losing It

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    It’s hard to overstate how significant the turning tide is when it comes to seats in state legislatures and actual Congressional seats across the country that are flipping from red to blue. In many states, including southern ones, the margins are pretty substantial. And in some cases, it’s clearly a direct rebuke to Donald Trump himself.

    That’s the only way to describe what happened in Kentucky on Tuesday night, when a schoolteacher named Linda Belcher — yes, just like the woman on Bob’s Burgers — swung the special election in her state by a whopping 36 points to win a seat in the 49th district. The seat was previously held by Dan Johnson, a lunatic Republican who compared Obama to a chimpanzee, called for the actual criminalization of miscarriages, and advocated for banning Islam from the United States, all before winning the position in 2016.

    But this isn’t just a district where a Democrat managed to wrestle a seat away from a Republican who was a little too extreme. Kentucky’s 49th district went for Trump by that same magic number — an astounding 49 percent. That means the residents of the area used to be huge Trump supporters, which would explain why they elected Johnson with his Islamophobic, misogynistic, racist platform.

    Belcher’s win wasn’t without controversy, of course. Her opponent was actually the widow of Dan Johnson, who shot himself late last year after allegations surfaced that he had gotten drunk and had sex with a teenage girl during a sleepover at the church that he called himself the Pope of. His wife Rebecca, who called the suicide a “high-tech lynching” because she was in denial about the charge, apparently remains in deep, deep denial about the legacy her disgusting husband left behind. Immediately after the election, which she lost in an enormous landslide, she claimed there was “voter fraud” that cost her the seat.

    Not likely, Rebecca. What you’re feeling is the water around your toes — from the Blue Wave that’s coming in November.

    Featured image via Tom Pennington/Getty Images