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  • Trump Humiliates Melania Again, Proves Chivalry Is Dead; Leaves Her Out In Cold In Front Of Millions

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    Evangelist Billy Graham has passed away, and President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are on their way to his funeral. Washington D.C is currently being hit with 60 MPH winds, and under those conditions, you would expect Trump to ensure that his wife is safely transported from their motorcade to the airplane, with its door perilously dozens of feet from the floor.

    Don’t expect chivalry from Trump.

    Trump prefers the warm weather of Florida to the winters in Washington, and he had no patience for the wind, hauling up the stairs of the airplane, leaving Melania alone to fend for herself against the gale. Melania tried to shield herself from the high winds by wrapping herself in a black coat and pulling it on top of her head.

    The Drama Continued Once They Landed

    Arriving in Charlotte, North Carolina, it seemed like the First Lady was not here to play doting wife. When departing Air Force One, Donald repeatedly tried to grab Melania’s hand. But Melania was not having it, blatantly dodging his attempts.

    Instead of walking down the steps hand in hand, Melania held down her outfit. Eventually, he was able to grab her hand — right before she pushed him away. Most people would be upset as well, especially if there was not an ounce of chivalry in a relationship.

    A Family Of Neverending Scandal

    A recent report noted that Melania had won a coveted visa called the “Einstein Visa” in 2001. This is a visa typically granted to academic researchers, statisticians, and multinational business executives who have demonstrated “sustained national and international acclaim.” Only 3,376 of the 1 million green cards issued in 2001 were assigned to immigrants of “extraordinary ability.” That’s less than 1 percent. Melania winning this visa catapulted her to a position where she was able to sponsor her parents for legal residency.

    Not only is Melania obtaining such a coveted visa a bit questionable, since her credential includes a few cigarette billboard ads and a spot in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated. But her husband is now peddling this sort of visa program as “chain migration,” when it’s a valid form of residency.

    The hypocrisy knows no end with these people.

    Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images