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  • Trump Takes A Jab At Melania At Gridiron Dinner, Hints At Possible Divorce

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    Journalists planning to attend the Gridiron Club Dinner, an annual event hosted by the journalists’ association of the same name, were surprised last month when the White House suddenly declared that Donald Trump was planning on taking them up on their invitation. After all, Trump has been at war with the press essentially since day one of his campaign, although you might never know it from all the free positive publicity his campaign got from them.

    But whether it’s because it wasn’t CNN or MSNBC, or because of one his advisers finally convinced him he had to something to make himself seem like a real,  biologically-human person, Trump did accept the invitation — to a dinner that may most easily be likened to as kind of the newspaper editors’ version of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, a black tie affair at which people take turns roasting each other.

    Unfortunately for Donald Trump, the zeitgeist that jokesters rely on to make their humor topical — the current events that people use to make jokes so they can laugh instead of crying about the state of America right now — are all about what a shitty person he is, or what shitty people he’s surrounded himself with, or what a shitty job he’s doing as president.

    But The Don can’t actually get on stage and talk about how terrible he is, so he took a different tack than most guys would: He attacked his own wife.

    In at least three jokes that came via highlights reported on Twitter, Trump jabbed at Melania like a man who really doesn’t care about his marriage. Almost right off the bat, he blamed the First Lady for a failed joke:

    Then he went in on her as though she was just another fixture at the White House, subject to the same turnover rate as the rest of the dozens of staffers who have resigned, been fired, or “moved on” from their positions:

    Is that a divorce joke? I would personally be furious if I were her. But he partially made up for it with what seemed to be the only actual self-deprecating joke of the night, about how everyone thinks he acts like a toddler at all times:

    No she can’t Donald. And at this rate, you may not be filing taxes together ever again.

    Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images