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  • Trump Furious At Sarah Sanders’ Handling Of Stormy Daniels Scandal, Puts Her Next On Chopping Block

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    Donald Trump is absolutely livid over something his Press Secretary said yesterday as she was being bombarded with questions about his disgusting — because he was married and a recent father — affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

    Any good liar will tell you, you have to tell the truth sometimes. If everything you say is false, you’ll soon slip up and say something that contradicts the last lie you told, and then it’s game over. Unfortunately for a professional liar like Trump, not everyone can be as practiced as a sociopath as him. The key to his own success at propagating bullshit is that he does so casually — as if there’s no reason in the world not to believe what he’s saying. Then he repeats it and acts like you’re crazy if you didn’t already know the lie he told was true.

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders, although she has worked for Trump for a while, and even though she comes from a father who lies even more nefariously — as a Christian who casually prevaricates just like Trump — just doesn’t have the practice yet to keep up all the lies all the time.

    So when the topic of the lawsuit by the adult actress over Trump himself not having signed the non-disclosure agreement to keep her quiet about their affair came up, Sanders had no idea that she should stay away from one particular subject: The arbitration that the parties went through in February over whether the NDA was valid. That arbitration was decided against Ms. Daniels, which is probably what Sarah should have stuck to. After all, the White House had previously been semi-successfully selling the storyline that Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, had paid Ms. Daniels on his own, without any knowledge or participation from the president.

    But that’s not what she said.

    She starts off pretty well, by repeatedly referring questions to “the president’s outside counsel,” which is a handy-dandy way to say “you will never get an answer to that question from me”:

    But after a few more unrelated questions from different reporters also present, another correspondent brings it back to something Sarah said earlier about arbitration:

    Did you catch that? She said it was won “in favor of the president,” which clearly means that the president — and not just his lawyer Michael Cohen — was involved in the Stormy Daniels payment, contrary to everything the White House has said so far in the case.

    According to CNN’s Jim Acosta, a source told the network that Trump was quite upset with Sanders’ answer, adding that “Sarah gave the Stormy Daniels storyline steroids yesterday.”

    Gee, we can’t imagine what would upset Trump so much. Maybe he should consider letting her tell the truth here and there, so it’s not so easy for the press to catch her in simple lies like this.

    Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images