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  • Billboard In MN Gives Americans Brutal Reality Check About Trump, He Will Lose It When He Sees It

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    While traveling north toward the metro on Highway 52 in Hampton, Minnesota, there appears to be a very controversial billboard that has been catching drivers’ eyes.

    The billboard features a smug looking President Trump, and the slogan “Millions for Me, Pennies for You!” next to his photo.

    Check out the banner courtesy of Reddit, below:

    The group that claims to be behind the massive billboard is an organization called “Republicans for Honesty in Government.” The billboard in Hampton is part of Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District, an area that has become more conservative in the last few elections. According to the Secretary of State’s website, Republicans for Honesty in Government is a group registered to a man named Robert Johnson. He’s the founder and director of a real estate investment firm in St. Paul. And this has not been the group’s first attack on Trump. Last October, the organization issued another billboard criticizing Trump with the words “big mistake” right next to the so-called president’s face.

    Here is the second billboard of Trump:

    Minnesota natives have had plenty of heated discussions and mixed reviews about the billboard.

    “If somebody has money to waste they can put it to better use,” Chris Chadwick, a Hampton resident said. “You need to give him a chance. Anybody who gets elected … they have to have a chance to prove what they’re going to try and do, or what their thought process is and how they can try and make it better.”

    Other residents were glad the sign was up, and wanted to the group to come up with even more billboards.

    “Obviously the first amendment allows for freedom of speech and it’s great to see opinions and freedom being expressed,” David Hammel of Winona said.

    In all, these billboards are drawing attention to Trump’s tax plan, which we as Americans need to be more aware of. The GOP tax plan is a complete farce. The only beneficiaries of this plan are the top 1 percent of Americans, including the President’s close friends, the Koch brothers. Days after the tax bill passed, Charles Koch and his wife donated $500,000 to Paul Ryan’s joint fundraising leadership PAC. And the deficit? The Koch network told its surrogates to downplay concern over the deficit, in order to convince lawmakers to support the destructive plan. We have added more than $1 trillion, a 5% jump in the gross national debt, in a matter of 6 months—let that sink in.

    So, yes. Trump will happily leave the rest of us with pennies, while he and his rich friends get richer. Props to this organization for joining the resistance and bringing awareness to this epidemic. We need more billboards like this all across the U.S.

    Featured Image via Getty Images/Dan Carr