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  • Pentagon Reveals Trump Military Parade Will Have One Restriction; Trump Will Be Fuming

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    President Donald Trump’s dream of a grand military parade through the streets of the U.S. capital is underway, but it will have one missing component that Trump will blow a fuse over when he finds outs: Tanks.

    That’s right, Trump’s military parade will not involve any heavy military vehicles like tanks to avoid doing damage to the streets of Washington, according to a Pentagon planning memo shown to CNN.

    The memo says the parade will integrate with the annual DC Veterans Day parade and focus on the contributions of US veterans from the Revolutionary War to today “with an emphasis on the price of freedom.” The parade will “include wheeled vehicles only, no tanks,” the memo said, adding that “consideration must be given to minimize damage to local infrastructure.”

    As previously noted by CNN, the parade will go from the White House to the Capitol and include soldiers dressed in period uniforms. Trump will view the event while surrounded by veterans and Medal of Honor recipients in the Capitol’s reviewing area. The Defense Department sent the memo to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Thursday.  It comes after Trump’s national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, gave the president’s instructions for the parade to the Pentagon last month.

    Officials have estimated the cost between $10 million and $30 million. Many lawmakers from Trump’s own party have suggested the funds could be better spent on military supplies or veterans services. But no, Trump would rather spend it on entertainment. The vast majority of Americans (including some sane Republicans) would much rather see the president and his family doing community service that benefits veterans. That will never happen because the narcissist-in-chief can only pretend to honor veterans if it serves as an excuse to stroke his own ego.

    But the real question here is: Why would anyone give a draft dodging traitor a parade? This is absolutely humiliating for our military and veterans who put their lives on the line to protect our nation.

    Featured Image via Getty Images/Drew Angerer