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  • Audience Stunned After Trump Announces New Campaign Slogan, Gyrates On Stage Like An Idiot (VIDEO)

    Donald Trump

    Right from the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency, a good majority of Americans thought it was absolutely ridiculous that he had already started his re-election campaign for 2020 and was begging for more money.

    Since then, we’ve seen Trump fail time and time again, yet he refuses to give up and throw in the towel for a second term. Trump has regularly stated that he will be around for “seven more” years (much to everyone’s horror) and constantly brags about made-up accomplishments to justify how he is making “America Great Again.”

    Well, Trump has once again horrified America. During his latest speech, Trump went totally off the rails and launched into a ridiculous rant where he praised himself and gave his gullible followers false hopes. Trump actually ditched the “Make America Great Again” slogan for something even worse. His new slogan will be “Keep America Great!” Seriously, Trump thinks he’s actually improving the country (barf)!

    And it gets worse. After that horrific moment, which was unfortunately met with cheers from his fans, Trump made ridiculous hand signals, turned around to work the crowd and ended it all with a weird hair flip. You can watch this horrible thing play out below:

    This is definitely NOT what most of us wanted to spend our Saturday nights watching, but we all need reminders about why we need to vote this moron out ASAP.

    Featured image is a screenshot

    Patti Colli

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