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  • Trump Humiliated At Pennsylvania Rally After He Begs Crowd To Support Failing GOP Candidate

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    Rick Saccone is Republican congressional candidate who is vying to represent Pennsylvania. He’s recently been endorsed by President Trump — and he’s struggling to get the basics down.

    Days before the special elections, his campaign stated that he would knock on the doors of several residents in Western Pennsylvania, to apparently show how humble he is, and how dedicated he is to share his message. However, by 11 AM, most residents were wondering where he was. John Debich, a 68-year-old Republican who lives in Pennsylvania, noted that he was “supposed to stop by today,” adding that it was the second time that residents were “avoided.”

    These special elections are crucial for Republicans to carry out Trump’s agenda of divide and conquer. However, it is also revealing how Saccone is failing to get even the basics right. It’s a race that relies solely on foot traffic, as it won’t be aided by anything like the electoral college which installed Trump in the White House, even though he did not win the popular vote. It’s apparent that the 60-year-old state lawmaker has very little organizational control of his own campaign, especially when you compare his abysmal performance against Democrat opponent Conor Lamb, a 33-year-old former Marine who has never run for a government seat before but is performing surprisingly well.

    Saccone Shouldn’t Rely On Trump’s Endorsement Alone

    In the past, Trump’s endorsements have been akin to curses, with many of his favorite candidates riddled with scandals, and failing in the polls. Trumpism only works for Trump.

    It seems like Saccone is solely relying on word of mouth, failing to meet constituents, and holding meetings that were closed to the public — subsequently attracting only a handful of supporters. Instead of meeting people face to face, he has outsourced the process, hiring people to be the face of his campaign, and not being transparent with his agenda.

    “We’re doing everything that we need to do to get out the vote and inspire people,” Saccone assured journalists this week — right before he walked into a closed-door event with representatives from Pennsylvania’s gas and oil industry.

    Ok, Rick — whatever you say.

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