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  • Trump Stunned As Putin Talks About His Tweets, This Could Be A Game-Changer (VIDEO)

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    While many Americans are wondering why the hell anyone in the United States would want to interview the leader of a country who meddled in its election, Megan Kelly recently had a major interview with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. It’s awful to think that we are granting even more attention to the man who helped a reality television star get into the White House, but this conversation did create some pretty interesting moments that will surely affect Trump’s behavior over the upcoming week.

    During her interview, Kelly spoke with Putin about Trump and the conversation eventually turned to the president’s Twitter activity. After Putin gave some half-a** praise to Trump’s “leadership qualities” (which is honestly laughable), Kelly asked Putin, “Do you ever read his tweets?”

    In a statement that will haunt Trump for the rest of his life, Putin bluntly responded, “No.”

    Kelly then asked Putin, “Do you ever tweet?” and Putin stated he does not because “I have other ways of expressing my point of view… Donald is a more modern individual.”

    You can watch this moment below:

    Considering all the time that Trump has spent on Twitter defending Russia from the accusations, protecting and praising Putin, and lashing out against the United States’ own free press and intelligence agencies to impress his favorite world leader, this must be devastating for the president.

    Trump has been obsessed with Putin for years, even before he began his bid for the White House. In Trump’s mind, he and Putin are probably BFFs, but the Russian leader just put a big damper on that fantasy. Trump takes few things as seriously as his Twitter account, and this will surely cause a meltdown soon.

    Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images

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