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  • Don Jr. Chokes On His Ice Cream When Reporter Questions Him About Stormy Daniels, You Can’t Unsee This

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    Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. are out in Pennsylvania to rally around Rick Saccone ahead of Tuesday’s special elections. Many of Trump’s past endorsements have largely failed, and currently, the polls are not casting a favorable light on Saccone, with Democratic opponent Conor Lamb holding a 6 point lead as we speak. It’s a bit too early to make any assumptions, but if Lamb wins over Saccone, it will be damning news for the Republicans, since it’s a district that Trump won by over 20 points in the 2016 elections. If Republicans can’t win in a state that formerly loved Trump, then it shows how fortified Democrats have become and how ineffective Republicans are becoming.

    Trump Jr. seems to not care about this fact, instead stopping at a local candy shop to inhale ice cream. While eating his ice cream, Trump Jr. ducked and dodged questions about the relationship between adult film actress Stormy Daniels and his father, the connection that the Trump administration has with Russia, and other inquiries that he felt were not worth detaching his mouth from his ice cream.

    Someone Get Trump Jr. A Napkin

    Trump was asked if he was aware that Russia had “information on those emails?” He answered by playing dumb, saying that he wasn’t there to talk about that, and was instead focused on “jobs for Americans”.

    Then the Stormy Daniels questions were also hurled at him, which he gracefully evaded while stabbing his ice cream with a spoon. “Should Stormy Daniels speak?” he was asked. He answered by thanking the press and once again saying that he wasn’t there to speak on the matter.

    Regardless of Trump Jr.’s responses — the Mueller investigation is still honing in on his father, the endorsements by his father might as well be the kiss of death, and the Blue Wave of 2018 is going to surge forward.

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