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  • Don Jr. Just Gave His Buddy Direct Access To Top Govt Officials; This Is Corruption At Its Finest

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    It appears as though the Trump clan is no longer hiding the fact that they are complicit. The president’s eldest son, Don Jr. has a previously undisclosed business relationship with a longtime hunting buddy who helped raise millions of dollars for his father’s 2016 presidential campaign and has had special access to top government officials since the election.

    Gentry Beach, a Texas hedge fund manager, and Trump have been involved in business deals together dating back to the mid-2000s and recently formed a company called Future Venture LLC — despite past claims by both men that they were just friends, according to previously unreported court records and other documents obtained by the Associated Press.

    Beach met with top National Security Council officials to push a plan that would curb U.S. sanctions in Venezuela and open up business for U.S. companies in the oil-rich nation, all while Donald Trump was settling into the Oval Office last February. In addition, Beach attended a private lunch in Dallas between Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and Republican donors, including businessmen with petroleum interests several months after the Venezuela meeting, according to a copy of Zinke’s schedule. Many ethics experts predicted that Beach’s access to government officials and advocacy for policy changes were made possible by the president’s son’s influence, which also benefit the Trump family’s bottom line.

    Nonetheless, the Trump family made sure Beach’s story matched theirs. In a statement, the Texas buddy said it was “absolutely not true” that he’d ever “used longtime personal friendship with Donald Trump Jr.” to influence government decision making. Beach attempted to back up this claim by pointing out that he developed his own relationships during the campaign and inauguration and doesn’t need Trump Jr. to broker introductions. For those unaware, Beach was an avid fundraiser and campaigner for President Trump, particularly in Texas, where Trump Jr. told donors last March that Beach and another longtime hunting friend, Tom Hicks Jr., raised millions for his father’s campaign, according to the Dallas Morning News.
    Trump Jr. and Beach, each a godfather to one of the other’s sons, expect us to believe they’ve had no ties whatsoever regarding decision-making for top government officials?!
    Trump Jr. is just as delusional as his father. This administration is filled with cronyism and nepotism and the worst part is the GOP lets these criminals take advantage of the U.S.
    If this had been Obama, the impeachment screams would have been flying from every corner. But since it’s Donald Trump, they turn a blind eye. Come November, we need to throw these grifters out of the White House once and for all.

    Featured Image via Getty Images/Win McNamee