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  • One Of Trump’s Family Members Just Betrayed Him, All-Out War In White House (DETAILS)

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    Most of America completely detests Donald Trump with every cell within their bodies, which is completely obvious, given that Trump lost the popular vote by millions and still has a historically low approval rating. But what many don’t know, is that even members of Trump’s own family can’t stand him, and have gone to great lengths to make him look bad in public.

    Jared Kushner, Trump’s useless son-in-law who was recently thrust into the center of the Russia investigation, has a younger brother named Josh who is against Trump and everything he stands for. In comparison to his a**-kissing brother, the younger Kushner is a lifelong Democrat who has previously stated that he didn’t vote for Trump.

    Josh, who is the founder of venture capital company Thrive Capital, and the Oscar health insurance firm, has also done something pretty epic to protest Trump — he donated $50,000 to “March for Our Lives,” which is being led by the students and survivors of the Parkland, Florida shootings to protest gun violence.

    The march, which will be held on March 24th, is a major movement “to demand that their lives and safety become a priority and that we end gun violence and mass shootings in our schools today” and send a big f*ck you to Trump and the GOP, who have allowed themselves to become the National Rifle Association’s puppets.

    Having a member of the Kushner family strongly support a cause that has been denounced by Trump and is clearly the opposite direction he’s going is big. Trump has made it perfectly clear that he wants MORE guns to be in schools and has no intention of making America safer. With his own family turning against him, Trump is going to suffer even more humiliation and disappointment.

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    Patti Colli

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