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  • Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Just Ruined Trump’s Week, Calls Him Out On Live Television (VIDEO)

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    Donald Trump and his team have been desperately trying to hide from and ignore the president’s devastating affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels. While the affair is certainly damaging to the president’s reputation (not to mention his marriage to the First Lady), there’s a particular reason Trump’s cover-up is so deadly to him — and Stormy Daniels’ own lawyer just exposed it on national television.

    In an interview with MSNBC’s The Beat With Ari Melber, attorney Michael Avenatti explained:

    “I have to believe that … an adult in the room is going to raise his or her voice and say something along the lines of ‘Are you crazy?’ It is very unlikely that they would be successful in such an effort and further, I think it would be a very sad day for our democracy, if you had a sitting president who would proceed with an action against a major television network in an effort to quash a story and prevent a citizen from speaking openly and freely about her version of events, but I want to go back to something you said moments ago … This isn’t about the left. It’s not about the right. It’s not about Obama versus Trump; it’s not about Gary Hart or Bill Clinton. It’s not about Anthony Weiner. The list goes on and on … This is about shooting straight with the American people. Shooting straight on the questions that I asked earlier. This isn’t complicated. It’s very simple. Has there been a cover-up here? Or has there not been a cover-up here? What are they hiding, and why have we not heard from the president as to these issues? Every time, Ari, that the White House has asked about this, they deflect, and they say they’ve answered the questions. They’ve never answered the questions.”

    What Avenatti has just done is point out that underneath the distracting discussions of the president’s morality and ‘family values,’ what Trump did — covering the Daniels story up before the election — is criminal. This is exactly why so many people are calling for the FBI to investigate Trump’s payoff of Daniels. With Avenatti raising questions about cover-ups, law enforcement is getting closer to launching yet another investigation into the president’s scandals — and that makes Trump nervous as hell. It’s bad enough that he and his lawyers are scrambling to stop the release of Stormy Daniels’ 60 Minutes interview. Clearly, the president has something to hide.

    You can watch the interview below:

    Featured image via Scott Olson/Getty Images

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