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  • California Just Welcomed Trump To Their State And He’s Never Going To Forget It (VIDEO)

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    Donald Trump is headed to California today to inspect prototypes for the border wall that nobody’s ever going to build because it’s never going to be paid for. California, at the risk of sounding trite here, is not a place that’s receptive to Donald Trump. MASSIVE protests are planned to greet him, and will likely follow him during his entire stay, which is expected to be just as brief as he can possibly make it, like attending the office party for ten minutes and leaving because everyone wears jeans on Fridays and you don’t own any.

    He knows that The Resistance has a home in California.

    You’ve heard of the “Blue Wave” that’s been swelling across the country as special elections come and go, and many are won by Democrats in districts that were previously held by the GOP, or which went heavily for Trump in the presidential election. But have you heard of the “Blue Wall” on the West Coast of the United States?

    Last November, voters in Washington state elected a woman to the state legislature in the 45th District — an affluent suburb of Seattle — that looked a lot like the Blue Wave races this year: It was previously long held by a Republican, a woman of color with a hard-to-pronounce name — Manka Dhingra — won the seat, and the margin was enough to make Democrats in the state ebullient with the outcome.

    With that last seat, WA’s state legislature flipped from Red to Blue, and it was considered the last brick in the Blue Wall: Washington, Oregon, and California all are governed by Democrats, and their state legislatures are all controlled by Democrats. It has been considered a crucial way to block many of the more nefarious efforts of the Trump administration, and you’ve seen WA Governor Jay Inslee, CA Governor Jerry Brown, and even Oregon Senator Ron Wyden have all taken on Trump in big ways already.

    It’s not like Trump doesn’t have SOME allies in the liberal state — after all, one of the main Congressional connections to Russia, Dana Rohrabacher, holds office there, not to mention sneaky little Devin Nunes, who just abruptly announced the end of the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation before Democrats could force Republicans to actually issue any subpoenas.

    But Trump will be less than comfortable during his visit. One reception that people have taken notice of is the animated video posted by Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, who’s running for the state’s top job. Entitled “Trump’s Wall: A Giant Monument To Idiocy,” the little animation tears up the Trump plan to construct the border wall and outlines just how much damage it would do to families and the economy.

    It will be fun to watch Trump squirm while he visits a state that stands for everything he hates about America: Diversity, inclusion, and Progressive ideals. The Resistance is strong here.

    Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images