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  • State Dept Official Reveals How Tillerson Learned He Was Fired; Exactly What You’d Expect From Trump

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    After the news broke that Trump had fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson abruptly on Tuesday morning, it seemed pretty apparent that morale would be very low at the State Department, especially considering how few people actually work there right now anyway — Trump hasn’t bothered filling a number of key positions, and there were no candidates to fill them on the horizon.

    But imagine how devastating it must be for the rest of the federal employees at Foggy Bottom — the Washington “code name” for the State Department — to learn that their just-a-minute-ago boss Rex only learned of his own departure from the agency by reading the president’s Twitter feed.

    That’s exactly what CNN reported this morning, as multiple officials inside the department and the White House confirmed that there had been no warning:

    What’s worse is that the Associated Press now reports that Trump’s Chief of Staff John Kelly actually called Tillerson on Friday — which is what some news outlets are reporting as advance warning for the ousted Secretary of State — but that literally all he told him was to expect a tweet that would concern him from the president:

    I don’t know about you, but that’s just plain horrifying. The whole manner of firing is strange for Trump, who made his most recent foray into fame pre-presidency by forcefully — authoritatively — firing people on air on his reality TV show. Clearly the president is no such “alpha male” when it comes to firing people in real life.

    Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images