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  • Top Republican Runs Away From Reporters When Asked About Tillerson Firing; Trump Leaves GOP Clueless

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    After the firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, many Republican lawmakers were questioned on whether or not they saw this coming.

    One Republican in paritcular, Senator Lindsey Graham, was asked a series of quesions regarding Trump’s decision to oust Tillerson. Instead of giving a direct response, Graham pulled the old dodge and run tactic—which appears to be a common move for this party. MSNBC reporter Garrett Haake  caught up with Graham in the U.S. Capitol Building soon after Trump announced on Twitter that he was firing Tillerson. Of course, Graham refused to make a comment of Tillerson, transitioning the focus on Tillerson’s replacement, Mike Pompeo.

    Graham says:

    “I appreciate Rex’s service to the country.”

    “Pompeo is a great choice. The primary job of the secretary of state is to be able to execute policy and to explain policy to the world in terms of what the president is thinking. Nobody is closer to President Trump than Mike Pompeo. So in that regard, I think he’ll be very effective.”

    However, it seemed as though the more questions Haake asked, the more uneasy Graham got. Haake pointed out that “two top level cabinet [are] officials out in a week.” Before even finishing the question, Graham began running away from the reporter without any explanation. Haake added: “How much does that concern you about people who are advising the president?” The Republican Senator, who is obviously out of loop when it comes to any deicsions the president makes, had no idea how to answer that. So, Graham replies with:

    “I think Pompeo is a good choice.”

    Watch the video, below:

    The GOP is enabling Trump and is complicit in his destruction of our democracy. Trump has them wrapped around his little finger and by Graham’s response, it’s clear that he was caught off guard by Tillerson’s firing. Even Republicans have no clue what Trump is dong, which is not a good sign. However, GOP members like Lindsey Graham will remain Trump’s lap-dogs and continue covering up for this fake president.

    Featured Image via Getty Images/ABC News