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  • Trump In A Rage After Watching Ad On Fox Telling Him To Go F*ck Himself (VIDEO)

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    A pro-trade agriculture group is taking to cable TV to show President Trump that farmers are growing concerned about his administration’s trade policies. But not just any cable network, Trump’s “most trusted” network, Fox News.

    The advertisement targeting Trump will run on cable news channels such as Fox News and MSNBC, during the “Fox & Friends” and “Morning Joe” time slots. As The Hill mentioned, these two segments are watched by the so-called president quite frequently. The ad is expected to run on other news websites and on rural agriculture programs across the country.

    The ad came about after Trump announced tariffs of 25 percent on imports of steel and 10 percent on aluminum, which will be increasingly detrimental to farmers, who depend on free-trade policies to maintain export markets.

    One Montana Farmer, Michelle Erickson-Jones says in the ad:

    “Policies that restrict trade would be devastating for farms like ours.”

    “Someday I’d like to pass the farm down to my boys. Mr. President, protect free trade and keep our agriculture economy strong.”

    She continued:

    “We’re very optimistic about the economy under President Trump; however, we’re very concerned about the trade policies from Washington.”

    You can watch the ad that will be featured on Fox News, below:

    The truth of the matter is Trump has no sympathy for farmers, whose livelihoods are at stake here. These are the same farmers who — most likely — voted for the traitor-in-chief. The only thing that will get Trump’s attention is that this ad will be featured on his precious Fox News network and he can’t tell people it’s “fake news.”

    Featured Image via Getty Images/Richard Lugar